Let's Get Chalky...

It all started with my daughter's first birthday...
I wanted to have a chalkboard for her pink and gold princess themed party and just couldn't find one I really liked. I decided with my marketing and design background that I would create one myself! Friends and family members kept talking about it and asking for me to create them for their kids' parties so with a leap of faith, I decided to turn my 'little hobby' into a business. I like telling people my designs are "the fun of chalk without all the mess!" (because they look just like a chalkboard when printed).

My chalkboards are 'authentic' looking with eraser marks and all! I feel it adds character to the boards and hope you do too :) My chalkboard backgrounds are HAND CREATED by me so it makes them extra special as no one else will have them! All of my boards are created with the 'original chalkboard background' but I do offer a dark one as well, just ask :)

A lot of people ask...but how does it print like a chalkboard? Well, that's the magic and fun! The file I create for you to have printed will look just like a chalkboard. Once you print you can mount on foam board (optimal way to look like a chalkboard), open frame or even canvas! The possibilities are endless.

Chalkboard designs aren't the only things I create either. I also create pregnancy announcements, invitations, wall art and more! Contact me or browse my shop to learn more :)

Thanks for reading....now Let's Get Chalky!!!

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