Let's Get Chalky began as a hobby turned business that all started with creating a 'chalkboard' for my daughter's first birthday party. I like telling people my designs are "the fun of chalk without all the mess!" (because they look just like a chalkboard when printed).

I am a full service digital shop (which means nothing is physically shipped to you). A lot of people ask...but how does it print like a chalkboard? Well, that's the magic and fun! The file I create for you to have printed will look just like a chalkboard. You can have mounted on foam board (optimal way to look like a chalkboard), printed on poster board, open frame or even canvas! The possibilities are endless.

Let's Get Chalky creates invitations, birthday chalkboards, pregnancy announcements, wall calendars, home decor and more! I also do custom orders as well, so just ask :)

Thanks for reading!

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